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Get Involved


We encourage women and girls to try a new sport. Join us for one of our Sports Open Days. Free to attend and suitable for beginners!

All of our sport events, seminars and workshops can be found on our Facebook Page. Send us a message and book your spot!


If you are a coach, a trainer, own a club or you are a member of a federation involded with sport and health topics and you are interested in collaborating with us to host an event, we will be more than happy!


Do you have professional expertise that you’d be willing to donate to our campaign?

Whether you’re a graphic designer, accountant, attorney, management consultant, event planner, PR guru, digital media master, or grant-writer…

Chances are we need help in your area of expertise.


Please let us know if you’re interested in getting involved! 


If you have an idea, a suggestion, a comment or something is troubling you about our campaign, don't hesitate to ask us!

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