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Erasmus+ Project



Running dates: January 2020 - December 2021
Programme: Erasmus+ Sport - Small collaborative partnership
ID number: 613704-EPP-1-2019-1-ES-SPO-SSCP


  • Asociacion Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Leader - Spain)

  • Cyprus Girls Can (Cyprus)

  • Associazione Travelogue (Italy)

  • Beyond 96 Youth Club (Ireland)

  • Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingu (Poland)


  • To improve key competences of professionals in the field of sport for developing activities and projects that contribute to gender equality and to fight against gender violence;

  • To generate a space for reflection on parameters, behaviours and attitudes that we have derived from the patriarchal society;

  • To exchange experiences, good practices and methodologies and develop new educational tools among organizations and professionals from five European countries;

  • To create an international network of organizations that work with sport as a socioeducational tool for justice, social transformation, inclusion, equality and comprehensive development.


Transnational coordination meeting in Ireland (February 2020): to specify strategies, working methodologies and details of activities.

Local Activities I:
  1. Analysis of the situation of women and sport;

  2. Identification of good practices;

  3. Meetings with important stakeholders;

  4. Identification of learning needs;

  5. Development of materials for the seminar in Spain and online seminar;

  6. Selection and preparation of the participants for the online seminar and the seminar in Spain;

  7. Online seminar and seminar in Spain;

Local Activities II:
  1. Evaluation of the seminars;

  2. Intermediate evaluation of the project;

  3. Two workshops in each country;

  4. One visibility activity in each country;

  5. eBook writing and designing;

  6. Video editing.

Local Activities III:
  1. Final version of the eBook in English and Spanish;

  2. Final version of the video;

  3. eBook translation to other languages and its designing;

  4. Activities to present/share project results.


  • eBook: digital publication to collect all information, materials and photos of the project.

  • Video: collection of videos and photos of the project. Uploaded in YouTube.

  • Website of the project and social networks;

  • Good practices exchanged, new tools created and training materials;

  • Reports;

  • Posters, leaflet and other materials for project visibility;

  • Photos and videos;

  • Certificates of key competences acquired by participants.

  • New competences;

  • Knowledge and experiences connected with project topics;

  • Bring sports activities closer to local population, especially to groups at risk of social exclusion;

  • More awareness in local population;

  • Commitment and involvement at international level of organizations working locally;

  • Commitment of project organisations in sport and gender projects;

  • Reinforcement of contacts and networks at local and international level.

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