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19 January 2019

Well done to the enthusiastic group of ladies who came to try out CrossFit at event on Saturday with @Crossfit Void!

CrossFit is a strength training and fitness improvement program, based on continuous alternation of functional exercises performed at high intensity.

The aim of CrossFit is to prepare you for all the requirements of everyday life and challenge your body for the unknown physical demands of life. Those with sports background can greatly benefit through CrossFit , as well as those with a sedentary lifestyle.

Crossfit is based on the 10 General Physical Skills:
Endourance - Stamina - Flexibility - Power - Speed - Coordination - Agility - Strength - Balance - Accuracy.

CrossFit is for EVERYONE as workouts are scale-able depending on fitness level and experience :)

Thank you so much to our wonderful coach @Nicolena!