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Sports Open Days

Cyprus Girls Can regularly hosts women's only, free to attend Open Days in different sporting activities, in locations across Cyprus!


The emphasis is always on trying something new and having fun in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. Our events are always suitable for beginners. 


Join us to have a first touch with a new sport, visit somewhere new on the island and meet new people! We host Sporting Open Days for ALL ages!

Seminars and Workshops

We team up with sports professionals, medical doctors, physiotherapists, motivational speakers, to deliver public seminars to spread the news about the campaign and help provide sporting information and support to women in Cyprus.


Female Athletes Interviews

Women athletes are underrepresented in the media and their achievements remain unknown to most. We try to raise their profiles and create role models for every woman and girl to aspire to!


We interview female athletes from Cyprus. We share their stories online, giving them the recognition they deserve.

By sharing their real life stories, we help raise their profile, giving them the recognition they deserve.At the same time we show how they are 'normal' women just like the rest of us - with families, jobs and responsibilities.

Promoting Health

Improve female residents' physical and mental health by encouraging them to be active! Help women of any age, ability and background find the right sport for them!

Doing excercise is not just about losing weight! It can be if you wish to, but it is so much more than that. It is about finding the rhythm in your life, finding an outlet to channel energy and finding energy you didn't know you had!

Connect and Empower

Highlight our similarities as women, connect to each other through sport and empower ourselves and others!

This campaign does NOT aim to segregate women from men.


We hope to merely provide the initial seed - be that information or inspiration- for women and girls started in, and remain in sport. The long term goal is have females on the island join, or open, sports clubs which integrate all of society.


Sometimes we just need need a little nudge in the right direction to get going!

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