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The campaign

CYPRUS GIRLS CAN is a campaign which aims to encourage girls and women of all ages and abilities, all across the divided island of Cyprus to get more active and involved in sport.


In Cyprus, women are under-represented in most sports and the sportswomen who are achieving receive little media coverage and remain unknown to most. CGC wants to change that and promote women’s empowerment by giving them an opportunity to try new sports, step outside their comfort zone, be inspired by others and socialise with people from across the divide. By showing women that they CAN, we use sport as a socio-educational tool for inclusion and gender equality.


We aim to provide a friendly, noncompetitive and welcoming environment in order to encourage maximum participation from women and girls. We have found that making this project women-only helps overcome some barriers which prevent women from participating in sport. However, this campaign does NOT aim to segregate women from men. We hope to merely provide the initial seed - be that information or inspiration- for women and girls to start and remain in sport. The long term goal is to have women on the island to join or open sports clubs that integrate all levels of society.


Since the founding of this group we have offered numerous Open Day Events in various sports, School Visits, Sportswomen Interviews, Seminars and a Summer Girl Camp! We are keen on pursuing with these activities and also integrate other analogous actions that support our aims and goals.

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