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Women's Health Weekend

21-22 April 2018


Medical doctors, yoga instructors, motivational speakers, physiotherapists… All gathered in Lympia during the weekend 21-22 April! What was going on?


Cyprus Girls Can hosted its first educational event, hosted at the beautifully restored Olympia Traditional Houses! The Women's Health Weekend was designed to address different aspects of women’s health. Activities were FREE to attend and included: - seminars on women’s specific diseases, in particular endometriosis (Dr Andreas Stavroulis & Dr Nilufer Rahmioglu Ramiz), - a workshop on menstrual cycle awareness (Iole Damaskinos), - a presentation and exercises on the pelvic floor and why we should look after it (Anastasia Uvarova), - a yoga practice invoking the inner goddess Kali (Emma Michael Yoga), - a motivational talk about stepping outside your comfort zone and sailing all the way from the UK to Australia on a sailing boat (Memnia Theodorou Page) - the launch of a mental health awareness campaign Mountains: A Journey of Hope (Marianna Papalexandrou & Natalie Christopher), - a nature walk and trail run to the dam of Lympia and - a disucssion with the only female professional triathlete in Cyprus- Carmenita-Zee Ironmum, who spoke about how she balances of training full-time and raising her daughter. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Peiragmena/Πειραγμένα restaurant on Saturday evening :) Thank you to all those that attended!


A huge thank you too to all those who presented/led activities at the weekend! Thank you also to CONEQ Conference Equipment Ltd for providing fantastic services and equipment.