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Kung Fu Black Belt Second Degree

Age:          31

Lives:         St Genis, France

From:         Larnaca

Sport:        Kung Fu

Style:         Wu Shu Kwan(WSK)

Fun Fact:  I like adrenaline and speed... So one of the things on my to-do list is getting a skydiving certificate!

3 Favourite Things: Sun



Meet Dr  Androula!

Interview by Natalie Christopher

CYPRUS GIRLS CAN chats with Andri, to learn about her passion for Kung Fu and what it takes to get to Black Belt - and beyond!


Natalie: Hi Andri! It’s great to meet a female Cypriot who is so highly qualified in Kung Fu!

Tell us, what exactly is the Wu Shu Kwan style of Kung Fu?


Andri: Hi! Nice to meet you! So, Kung Fu is a Chinese Martial Art. There are actually numerous Kung Fu styles.


Wu Shu Kwan (WSK) is a full contact martial art. We learn how to defend ourselves and counter-attack.


In WSK Kung Fu, you are allowed to strike the opponent wherever you like. We learn how to break legs, punch in the groin. However we are always taught to respect our opponent. 










 Wu Shu Kwan is a martial art

with a culture of respect, honesty and goodwill.